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Download a highly versatile invoice management database developed in MS Access 2007 which showcases all the key features you need to develop commercial MS Access database applications.  This includes FULL rights to customize the software as you wish.


Download InstantInvoicePro v7



Small Business Invoice PRO 2012 is an Access 2007 database designed to help small businesses manage their invoices and customers. Features:

  • Choose between retail (tax inclusive) pricing or commercial (tax exclusive) pricing.
  • Automatically adopts your local currency and date formatting.
  • Straight forward order entry; select a customer or enter a new one, list the items and issue the invoice, optionally print a delivery note as well. * No stock or price lists to maintain; it remembers items you have entered on previous orders and offers them again in the pick list with the last price and tax rate you charged, select or enter a new item.
  • Optionally record payment received against invoices issued.
  • Stage payments wizard enables you to quickly calculate and apply agreed stage payments for an order.
  • Part payments wizard enables you to quickly calculate and apply part payment of an invoice.
  • Variable payment terms for each customer. If you provide trade credit accounts for your customers, each can have different payment terms that determine when an invoice becomes due/overdue for payment.
  • Reports requester for sales and accounts oriented reports; print address labels, batch print invoices, customer account statements, debtors analysis, monthly sales by customer, monthly sales by product (value and volume) with grouping and level of detail options.
  • Easy to use Customer Database to view customer records on screen with multiple contact details, time-stamped notes and information about their orders, payments and product ordering history.


Developer Features


-  Read the code comments within the VBA modules to learn how to include these modules in your own databases. 


Fully customisable; you will have full access to the database window and all design objects so you can change or add anything you wish.


-  See how to include a 30 day license registration form in your MS Access application


Include web updates in your application


-  Logout in-active users


Automatically link tables for multi-user databases


- Customize the Access 2007 ribbon


See how to create Mail Merge Campaigns; create and run a mail merge to all or some of your contacts, automatically add actions to the merged contacts for follow up by a user and a due date, record feedback and result, analyse results and comments for a campaign.


-  Learn how to automatically link letters created with a Write to Letter wizard to actions so they can be followed up.


See how to publish a quote or price bid in to a MS Word document for printing or emailing including automated texts and phrases using your designed templates


-  The database files are multi-user so you can share your information with all your colleagues.


Learn how to create bulk email merges; send an email to all or just some of your contacts using powerful rule based merges.


-  Bulk letter merges; print a letter to all or a just some of your contacts. Merge to MS Word templates for printing formatted letters including graphics


See how to easily incorporate a Stage payments wizard into your database projects - enables you to quickly calculate and apply agreed stage payments for an order.



MS Access 2007 Sample Bonus Files


Download the source code from my latest commercial projects for your own websites or consulting projects ---

  • Download a working example that uses a software license registration form.  Add to your own applications to allow your customers 30 day trials of your software. This is all done using Access VBA.  (click here to download the example)
  • Download Inventory Pro 7 - a commercial MS Access 2007 database sold online. (click here to download)
  • New** Consulting Project.  Download my latest project - multi-user commercial database for a pharmaceutical client to manage clinical trials (click here to download the guide)
  • Download the source code for a commercial property management software ( that you can use and customize to build your own web software business.
  •  (click here to view the user guide)

 Supplemental Developer Guide: Developing Commercial Apps with Access


For software developers, it would be hard to imagine a more important topic than security. In this guide, Milos Holovsky shows you how to create secure Access applications.


If you’re an Access developer, a database administrator, or an IT manager responsible for Access application development, you probably need this book. If you’re a consultant who’s creating Access applications for paying clients, then you definitely need to download this express guide.


Good luck with your development projects!  If you have any questions please contact me at:


"Milos... these are some of the best MS Access 2007 Samples I have seen.  Thanks for putting together some great Access Samples that any one can easily incorporate into their own projects.    I have forwarded your development guides to my colleagues to learn from!"
 - Ashish Vernon, Developer,  HCL


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About the Source Code and Author
Milos Holovsky is an Aerospace Engineer turned IT consultant with clients around the world.  His public profile can be viewed on LinkedIn.